The Museum tour as art medium at the New York MoMA


The Museum of Modern Art in New York had a brilliant idea. They wanted to invite artists to use the museum space as an experiment and thus the series, Artists Experiment, through the education department at the MoMA, was born. Their most recent commission is with artist Nina Katchadourian who decided to take the medium of the audio tour and turn in onto itself, to use the medium and make it an art piece. She approached us to do the production and it has been an exciting and engaging project.

Together we worked closely with the MoMA on an audio tour about dust in the museum. We edited and mixed all the stops, did regular walk throughs to better understand how the audio fit in a physical space and worked with the institution to meet their needs and standards. 

We have worked with Nina in that past and it has always been a dynamic and fluid collaboration with our varying skills coming together in a symbiotic and supportive way. The audio tour on dust will be released in the Fall of 2016.



—Post Production