We are SOUND MADE PUBLIC and we believe that what we hear helps define how we see the world. 

Our diverse backgrounds allow for our work to be broad: From answer messages to podcast series’, sound installations to public events, we are agnostic to scale and passionate about the medium. The work we produce finds its home in radio, museums, spaces, brands and institutions and often comes off line and into live events.

We are based in San Francisco, and produce audio experiences for and with people around the globe.




Tania Ketenjian

Tania has been a journalist, documentarian and sound artist for over 20 years. For nearly a decade, she had a weekly radio show in San Francisco, New York and London interviewing creatives of all mediums and backgrounds. She has contributed extensively to the BBC, BBC World Service, PRI, NPR, ABC in Australia, RTE in Ireland and other networks around the world. She has produced several long form documentaries for national radio, has created commissioned pieces for international exhibitions and installations, and co-founded a radio magazine, The [Un]Observed, which collaborated with The Guardian to present the best audio from around the world. She has also worked with the world’s leading creative institutions including the MoMA and BAM. 

Tania has taken what she deeply values, people and the stories they have to share, and turned it into her career. She is the person who will meet someone you’ve known your whole life and, within 5 minutes, learn things you’ve yet to discover.



Philip Wood

Philip is a designer, maker and cultural provocateur who brings brands to life through experiences across multiple mediums. His work for the likes of Uber, Cappellini, Cassina, Nicole Hollis, Levi’s and other clients extends from branding and visual identity, to space, furniture and object design, to both live events and recorded content. He is also the founder of CITIZEN:Citizen, whose products are included in the permanent collections of whichever MoMA you prefer – New York or San Francisco.  

If you attend a cultural event developed by Philip, it’s likely he didn’t just create the strategy, but also branded the initiative, re-architected the space, programmed the content, hosted the talk, and built the bench you sat on.





Our relations with media and distribution channels are part of our long heritage in the world of audio and journalism and help us bring the right partners together for our projects. We aim to make a strong and beautiful signal within the noise.




Our companion project, The [Un]Observed,  is a Radio Magazine of candid conversations and explorations, works in sound and produced pieces from around the world. We scour the hard drives and archives of leading audio producers and sound artists. The [Un]Observed hopes to expose the power and transformative nature of audio in this moment of a sound revolution.