Bringing the principles and creative process of design to life.

When the recession hit a few years back, creatives around the world were in a pickle. Many of the companies and organizations they had been creating work for began to take things in house and they had to discover new ways of sharing what they do. World renowned designer Ayse Birsel was speaking with a friend about this and came up with the concept of Design the Life You Love.

Design the Life you Love is a book, workshop and podcast series. Ayse approached us to develop the series which illutrates Ayse's tried and true design principles and process to help people build a life they love.

For the podcast, Ayse is in conversation with people we believe have created unique and extraordinary lives. Understanding their motivations, proclivities, triumphs and challenges, listeners gain insight into what their own aspirations are and some of the ways they can achieve those.

The series is sponsored by Herman Miller.





—Concept Development
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