A pay phone, an art installation, a place based podcast, poems, stories, soundscapes, recipes, a sonic portrait of an infamous place.

Remember the pay phone? That silver box you would drop a few coins in to “reach out and touch someone.” When you take a moment to imagine all the memories, feelings, experiences and facts communicated on the pay phone, it becomes mind boggling. Today, we do most of our communication on cell phones and the pay phone has not only become antiquated but for older generations, it offers a flood of memories.

Cibo, a beloved cafe in the notorious seaside town of Sausalito, where the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Henry Miller waxed poetic, has a defunct pay phone in front of the cafe and they wanted to do something with it so they approached us to create a quarterly magazine, what we are calling a place based podcast. Each key on the phone tells another story of Sausalito, through interviews, soundscapes, recipes, music and poetry. Instead of telling stories to the phone, you receive them, and through this exchange get a flavor of the community within which you live and work.



—Concept Development
—Technology Design
—Technological Implementation
—Post Production