Homeless is a situation, it’s not a person.

SOUND MADE PUBLIC was commissioned by Lava Mae to develop a unique audio installation for Coming Clean, an exhibition of works responding to the condition of homelessness. 

Lava Mae’s program of converting old public transit vehicles into mobile showers, bringing dignity to urban homeless, has garnered praise from all parts of the world and they wanted to create other platforms to engage the public in issues facing displaced people.

Coming Clean at Fouladi Projects, a gallery in the heart of San Francisco, is the first in what Lava Mae hopes will be a series of art exhibitions.

We went out into the street, interviewing Lava Mae guests, displaced people who come to various sites in the city to take a shower. We also interviewed all the artists in the exhibition. From these interviews, we created two pieces: An installation, built by SOUND MADE PUBLIC, and an “audio tour” that people could take in the gallery or listen to online, consisting of interviews with the artists and an expert on empathy. Part of the programming will also include a live listening event.


—Concept Development
—Post Production