Developed LACMA’s very first podcast series, using an exhibition on Iran as a jumping off point to speak about culture, poetry, memory and art.

What is Iran? It’s a complex and layered question and what better way to answer complex and layered questions than through art. Thus, LACMA’s diverse and inspiring exhibition, In the Fields of Empty Days: The Intersection of Past and Present in Iranian Art.

LACMA approached SOUND MADE PUBLIC to create a series that deviates from the traditional audio tour and brings to light some of the fundamental pillars of Iranian culture. What we chose to explore and dive deeper was poetry, heroism and the fluidity of time, you know the light stuff.

The result was a four-part podcast series called Time and Again, hosted by the internationally renowned comedian Maz Jobrani and featuring the voices of some of the most prominent Iranian thinkers and creatives in the US, from curators to filmmakers to feminists, reflecting on one of the most fascinating and influential cultures in the world.


—Concept Development
—Post Production