Helping to bring STEM to the minds of the next generation of women.

The Intel Foundation is committed to fostering education and growth in math, science and engineering for girls and women around the world. In honor of their 25th Anniversary, Intel approached us to create a series of podcasts on the groundbreaking work of young women across the US, women who were still in high school or just about to begin college and were doing profound work in STEM.

We created a series which we titled Inspiring Girls: A podcast series highlighting the innovative thinking and work of extraordinary girls. We interviewed nearly a dozen girls in STEM and then coupled those interviews with experts in the fields within which they were working. For instance, we interviewed a young woman who was turning algae into biofuel and then interviewed a UC Berkeley Professor and expert in this field about his work and the recognition he has received in the US Department of Energy. 

Inspiring Girls was distributed through The Intel Foundation and iTunes. We also negotiated a collaboration with The Huffington Post and the podcasts were featured there, reaching a wide and varied audience.



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